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Unsung Screamers Podcast

Having spent most their lives pursuing the 'musical dream', Dan and Tara Fritz explore the stories of others who have done the same. Currently based in Springfield, MO, this married couple dives into the lives and stories of their local music scene in hopes to gain knowledge, inspiration and connection to their fans, by giving them the platform that they deserve. Having fame and fortune is not the only reason we dream. It's not the destination of everyone's purpose. However... the struggles, the triumphs, the pain, the joy, the satisfaction, the being broke down on the side of the road with only a dollar in your pocket... are all shared experiences. Get to know your not-so-famous local artists, writers, singers, players and even those behind the scenes whose stories will inspire you as much as any others.

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Aug 15, 2022

Time for your weekly meds to help you get your week started.  Dan asks why Dad Jokes are a thing, there's talk of Anne Heche, and we talk all about our town's busy entertainment weekend including the Freddie Mercury Tribute, the Route 66 Festival and Tara's Karaoke at Marty's Sports Bar.  PLUS: Why was "Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" a song that was taught to kids?

Oh...listen to the end for a little extra.

Find Randall Shreve's music on Spotify! Specifically the album we mentioned in the show: "The Devil and the End"

Song Credit: "There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly" from the Sing and  Learn YouTube Channel.

Dad Joke guy on Tik Tok: "EarlofDadJokes"


Your Beloved Hosts: Dan & Tara Fritz

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Monday Morning Medication is a bonus weekly segment we do just to get your week started off with a chuckle.

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