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Unsung Screamers Podcast

Having spent most their lives pursuing the 'musical dream', Dan and Tara Fritz explore the stories of others who have done the same. Currently based in Springfield, MO, this married couple dives into the lives and stories of their local music scene in hopes to gain knowledge, inspiration and connection to their fans, by giving them the platform that they deserve. Having fame and fortune is not the only reason we dream. It's not the destination of everyone's purpose. However... the struggles, the triumphs, the pain, the joy, the satisfaction, the being broke down on the side of the road with only a dollar in your pocket... are all shared experiences. Get to know your not-so-famous local artists, writers, singers, players and even those behind the scenes whose stories will inspire you as much as any others.

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Aug 24, 2018

Although he may be a self proclaimed loner and very soft spoken person, if music is involved, then Marty Jones will be there. In fact, there isn't much that will even get Marty out of the house. Ironically, he's not a musician himself, but it's exactly why he steered towards photography. It's become his way of still being involved with the music, but in his own way. What once started as a hobby, has now become a beloved body of work, that spans the city limits of Springfield MO and beyond. He makes our artists, singers, bands and writers look sexy. 

Listen to the honesty in Marty's voice, as he explains this love of his life.... music... arguably the greatest fan of all time. He currently owns the largest collection of music memorabilia, records, books, magazines, DVD's, T-shirts and everything in between, than anyone else on this side of the James River! And all this love goes into each and every photo he takes. 

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